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Help turn cute little pups into life-changing Seeing Eye Dogs

Sponsor a puppy today with a monthly donation

will help fund the cost of equipment like special harnesses and leads needed for graduating dogs
will help towards the cost of specialised training sessions for a Seeing Eye Dog and their human
will help towards the cost of essential vet supplies and equipment such as X-ray machines

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See The Impact

Clifford a seven week old black Labrador puppy

Meet Clifford.

Clifford is a gorgeous black Labrador pup. Clifford, along with his brothers and sisters, was born on February 7th to mum Xendi. Including Clifford, there are seven little pups in the litter – Charlie, Cricket, Cybil, Cheer, Carmen and Cha Cha.

By sponsoring Clifford and his pack today you will receive a welcome pack and regular updates, photos and videos as the pups progress on their journey to become life-changing Seeing Eye Dogs.

Sadie changed Ollie's life.

Ollie was just 14 years old when he was matched with Seeing Eye Dog Sadie. His mother, Melissa, says the match changed his life forever.

"Everyday Sadie walks confidently along as if she is thinking this is what I have been trained for and I am going to do the best job I can do. They are a match made in heaven."

Melissa says Ollie's mobility and quality of life has improved massively since he started working Sadie.

It's truly a life-changing difference that a Seeing Eye Dog can make for someone who is blind or has low vision. But there are more people waiting for the independence a Seeing Eye Dog can give. Please sponsor a puppy today and help us train more Seeing Eye Dogs to help people like Ollie.

How your donations help

Provide vet treatments, vaccinations and ongoing care to keep pups healthy and safe.

Highly specialised training for pups at our National Training Centre.

Staff on-site every day to feed and care for pups and provide enrichment.

Provide equipment like the special harness and leads needed for graduating dogs.

Follow-up visits, ongoing training and support for clients and their Seeing Eye Dogs.

Who are we?

At Seeing Eye Dogs, a part of Vision Australia, we have been breeding, training and supplying world-class dog guides for over 60 years to help Australians who are blind or have low vision.

Our Seeing Eye Dogs open up a world of independence, safety and freedom for clients to participate in all areas of life and live the life they choose.

It can take up to two years to train a puppy to become a Seeing Eye Dog. During that time we work hard to ensure the dogs build the confidence and skills needed to do this amazing job. Our training is entirely one-on-one — designed to put our clients and the dogs first.

Seeing Eye Dog presses a traffic crossing button with his nose